I’m hanging in the center between clients. It’s slower this afternoon but it was a busy morning. I had a client who spoke of her house as though it were gone since she kept referring to the cement slab that once was her house. When I made reference later to her house being destroyed, she and her husband spoke at once.. ‘oh it’s not destroyed’.

Confused, I looked at them and said ‘I thought you had indicated that it was gone?’. ‘Oh. It’s gone’. They said.

Still confused, I just looked at them and then they explained it was still intact .. just FIVE MILES AWAY! Amazing. It was still intact with the pictures still on the wall, the pots and pans still on the stove! It’s sitting in a marsh/swamp and some folks went inside and found the mounted deer head with a plaque inscription with the family name on it and came to tell them that these peoples’ house was in their marsh.


Then I had another woman who had the perfect before and after snapshot of her house. Sitting there, recently remodled. And the next week. Completely gone and replaced by water and a broken tree. Sad.

I am doing alright. I’m going to Houston tomorrow night to spend some time fellowshipping and missing Sacramento as the River City Round Up begins. I hope you’re all well. I’ll see you all soon! Hugs.