Back from Houston…

After the most wonderful time I’ve returned back to California for a brief stay in my own bed before heading to San Diego. I’m in Northern CA so, San Diego is like a 10 hour drive.

Here’s a recap of one of the best conferences I’ve attended:

I arrived at the airport early and made my way over to the terminal ‘I thought’ David C was arriving at.  After asking each other on the phone over and over again ‘where are you? Where are you?’ .. come to find out we’re in two different terminals.  (Houston Airport is Texas big).  Our FABULOUS host Miss Cisca (Cisco but I prefer to call him Cisca which is much better than his roommates nickname for him “B.G.”) wisked us away to our overnight accommodations and then we went to Barnaby’s.  It’s the café we went to last time I was in Houston and is a terrifically fun and delicious eatery with a touch of camp atmosphere.  We met several nice folks including Brandon, who I hadn’t realized played Eddie Haskel in last year’s musical production at the Houston Conference.  Great fun, what a cutie.
In the morning we ate.  Well. Actually. I ate.  The Empress, David C. doesn’t do much of that.  Food in the morning turns her stomach so coffee is all she can manage but I didn’t let that stop me.  Of course.
Miss Cisca picked us up and took us to the Lamda Center.  Great fun. I saw David D. who was SO gracious last year and treated me to a lovely dinner and showed me what Tex Mex really was. We saw others too from last year and it’s so nice to make those connections and then be able to hang on to them! Our Thursday night speaker at the Round Up was Michael from Dallas. What a great speaker. He was better than when I heard him in Miami. And, easy on the eyes too. 🙂

The musical was not to be believed. They always do such a great job at the Round Up in Houston. They have Texas-Sized talent there, that’s for sure!~


I spent the morning watching Empress gulp her third coffee for breakfast. I almost felt guilty for eating food. Almost. We heard Jim from Minneapolis and spent some additional time getting to know the crew from MN. Also Cece from Atlanta spoke and she did fabulous – as I knew she would. I spoke with her in Seattle and just love her.


Empress was a little nervous and I convinced her she was going to do just fine. Went to the workshops. I also made it to every candlelight meeting. Love those late night meetings. In Sacramento, you can usually find me at the all nighters..

We had a nice luncheon and heard a woman from Eucless TX. I think I spelled it correctly. I’ve not been there. Hanging out with Millard and David from last year was great fun. They are the nicest folks!

Empress spoke and did the most phenomenal job. After he stepped down and sat down, before the count-down. We both just cried and cried. I think we both had the realization that life has changed. We know that sobriety ebbs and flows. People move on, new life experiences are undertaken. But it’s clear he’s not likely to return to Sacramento and the truth is, who knows if even I’ll be there. I’ve been searching for a new place in life and as I spoke in many of the meetings there, I don’t know where I’m going. It was just one of those moments where we realize we’ve been best friends but it’s not likely we’ll ever have those days of serving on committees and running around North Hall terrorizing newcomers and oldtimers alike.


The Round Up wound down. We said goodbye to good friends some we only just met. We went to Barnaby’s (of course) to say farewell to the MN gals. We went to the cast party and David said adieu as he departed to North Carolina. I’m not sure when we’ll cross paths again. He’s talking about going to Miami but the next stop I’ll probably make is the Austin Round Up.

I went to the meeting and heard Betty D chair. I was tired and so enjoyed my plum tea and chatty conversation with Cisca and Charity after a lovely dinner. I was so ready to come home. It seems like it’s been more than two months since I’ve spent time with my husband Rob. Maybe because it HAS been more than two months. We’ll be taking a much needed time-together and drive to San Diego. I’ll report more later! Be well.