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Well. I just received the news I’m done here. It came as a surprise but not really. I’ve been telling you it’s been slowing down… so it was inevitable. I’m sorry that I’m the first of my team to head home, but the good news is I get to be with all of you! I was hoping I’d stay longer, but maybe next time – if there is one.

I have had the MOST amazing experiences. Unbelievable and cannot be duplicated. I hope that some of you reading have gotten a little understanding of the impact of the event on the lives of so many. It’s not even relatable through the medium of the internet. My hope is that you’ve caught a glimpse of how awful this has been. How thousands and thousands have been displaced. I don’t know how all of these folks will eventually recover. My hope is that they will, my faith in God tells me that many will serve as an example to me and others how to overcome what today seem insurmountable.

I’ve just been honored to meet some of those folks.