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I just returned from Texas and had the most awesome time. Look for more pics in the coming days, or you can always go to my Flickr site.

One of the things I did was go to the Houston Auto Show. What was strange about this one over a California Auto show was the amount of trucks (they do like they trucks in Texas) and people walking around with beer.

I thought that was stange because we don’t even have alcohol I think at the autoshow. I’m not sure, I never looked. There were also lots of queens there. Strange combination seeing cowboys and.. well.. swishy cowboys all walking round lots of trucks.

But, I had a great time in Texas – like I did last time! This time I got to see Austin and attend the Austin Round Up. My good friend Rich S. did a terrific job and Edie C. from my homegroup in California did an awesome job too!

I took a few days to visit San Antonio. Loved it too!

Take care and talk with you soon.