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Check out the nelly one posing on a new Camry. I’m not too sure about the new nose of the Toyotas. These little button logos on the grille may supposed to be puppy-dog-cute, but I don’t think they’re all that. At least this Camry had a chin spoiler that made it look at least a little more passable as a decent-looking car.

Back in Sac now. Caught a bug on the way home, probably on the plane. So I was feeling a little under the weather, but I’m doing better now. In the process of remodling the bathroom which is a process that.. SUCKS.

But, all the hard work is at least being done by two gentlemen I hired to move the heavy stuff.. like the sledge hammer.

I’m hoping it’s done by this weekend.. We have family coming from Michigan to visit in April, and we needed this redo! Unfortunately the kitchen is under the knife too and so the house is feeling very very scattered.. and it’s contagious – so now I do to! I hope you’re well.. I’ll be better once the bathroom is ‘usable’ 🙂