Well, I had to first ask Kelly, Rob’s best friend if she’d be willing to help me surprise Rob and be his Best Person. She said yes of course, that’s why we love her. Among her many (and I mean many) duties was to help me find a ring. Rob’s a slab-o-metal kind of guy. I am NOT. Therefor I gave up immediately from the beginning on the idea of us having matching rings. He hates diamonds.. i well.. you know. He likes platinum. I’m a glittery gold person. So we spent an afternoon walking through the stores trying on different rings everywhere we went. And, everywhere we went we were greeted with.. CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you. Well. We got tired of explaining – so I think at one point, we just started saying ‘thank you’.

Besides, it always turned into a long and lengthy discertation when we tried to explain it was a surprise wedding and why the person for whom the ring was for was not present to pick out his own jewelry.

In the end we found a nice simple band of platinum. Something he would love.

Our good friend, Art, helped us in this area by securing his size. He told Rob he wanted to buy a ring for his boyfriend Mikey. Rob, of course, the ever-gullible said “I’ll go with you!” Art got him to try on a ring and immediately reported to me his size and confirmed that his taste leaned towards exactly the ring I had in mind..

But there were many more details to work out.