Coloma Valley
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So we were looking for places to have our event. And, we traveled high and low. High, to about 3000 Feet above Coloma. This is a picture of the road as we ascended. It was a beautiful morning in February and the fog was settled on the road ahead.

Unfortunately, the site was somewhat washed out because of the rains. Did I mention we had probably one of the wetest I ever remember. The American River had flooded and there was the wreckage of an RV in the spot we’d in theory have our vows. It seems the rushing river had picked up the RV and brought it down to this otherwise picturesque location. It was a bit rural, and the thought of standing next to the river, in the clay and grass – while postcardish – scratched any notion of formal attire.

Mary please. Tuxes and BBQ. Hardly. So back to the urban landsape of Sacramento. The lows were a lovely basement location, with florescent lighting. Um. No.

So back to the Library Galleria and giving in to the demanding, never-smiling, and hardly pleasant staff – and their demand for extra charges – charges to use the front door, to use the balcony, to breathe..

Oh well.. Oh! And, how WILL I get Rob into a tux at a surprise event? It’s not like I can throw it at him just before we depart and say “oh yeah. Your Birthday Party is formal.” So, I had to think of how I’d do that. Thank goodness I’m devious.