Oh. Uh uh. Another Bush? Great idea. NOT.

If nothing else shows how out of touch this monarchy is with the average American citizen, it’s even the NOTION that anyone would come forward with that last name and expect to be elected President. Wow.

What would the Jeb inherit? The current Bush’s poll numbers? That immense goodwill George has created around the world? Oh.. no. It must be that political capital that, apparently, must be sitting in a bank somewhere because King George hasn’t been able to show any of it.

Yes. George II would like to see his brother as the next President of the U.S. To his credit, or political acumen, Governor Bush has been mum on the subject, even though Daddy told Larry King that it was a good idea. Yikes.

Trust us Jeb. Keep what legacy you’ve created in the state of Florida. The last swan song you’d want to avoid would be, being trounced by Hillary. Better to just wrap up your career, go back to the castle in Texas and call it a career.