I love Lake Tahoe and Reno. I don’t go that often (really). I know. Doesn’t that sound like something a gambling addict would say.

“I don’t go very often. Just Wednesday through Tuesday”.

But, really, I go about 4 times a year. I was sitting around thinking it would be nice to take a mini vacation so I did. Rob would love to go on these little serenity junkettes with me, but I know he had things to do around the house. He starts school next week, so he’s feverishly working on house projects.

Besides, when I go for a drive.. I go for a DRIVE. I went to Reno via Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. I was gone the whole weekend and put about 750 miles on my car. Crazy I know. Actually in the end, I think I’d just hang out in Reno. I know it seems sort of .. less glamorous than Lake Tahoe, but there’s more to do (I’m not into hiking, other than to the mall).

Some random thing happened on the way home. I was driving outside of reno, I think it’s called Elko. And, came across a stranded motorist. He was driving from Fallon Nevada (No Where) to Sacramento. Oh my gosh, it was my friend Rick from the S&C Fellowship. I was all. Nuh uh. How weird is that. He was stuck without a jack, so the one from my car fit his Ford, and he was changed – off and running in no time. How’s that for a higher coincidence?

So with the Reno conference coming up next week (see link above), I think I’ll have another opportunity to hit that fabulous Price is Right slot that kicked my ass. I’ll be the next contestant, come on down, or I ain’t leavin.

(oops. That sounded like something a gambling addict would say)