Sleeping John
Originally uploaded by ChristopherSolis.

I was at the Reno conference last weekend and had a great time. It was kind of sad to see how it has shrunk over the years. I’m thinking registration must have been right around a hundred. But I’m so glad I went as the workshops were great. I met some nice folks and we had fun at karaoke too!

It was the weekend of the baloon race and would have loved to get some pics, but those things take off before the sun rises!

All in all it was a great weekend. Here’s Jon who was sleepin in the back of the car on the way home. I snapped this one with my phone in the rear view mirror. We all got sunburnt on the way home – but there was too much luggage in the trunk and we had no place to put the boot that covers the convertible top!

Hmmph. I guess that’s what happens when you stick too many folks who love shoes and outfits in one car.