Rick Santorum, Crying after the election. If he’d been compassionate, reasonable, basically – a human being, he could have spared himself the tears.

We received news that we’ve waited for for at least 2 of the last 6 years. Finally there’s some balance brought back to our government. After years of congress, failing to do its job, we have a referendum that clearly states what we’d like. What we demand.

The country wants nothing more than strong, sensible, moral leadership. One of the ways we are guaranteed that is first by electing a President who embodies those ideals. Failing that, we have a government structure which allows a congress to keep an inept or renegade Head of State in check.

Heretofor, we’ve not had that. Now hopefully we’ve injected some humility into this administration. The days of ‘because I said so’ method of governance, I hope will come to a close.

But rather than shoot our guns in the air, hoot, holler and smack each other on the back with high-fives and “git her done-s”, I hope the democrats honor this opportunity. Let’s try and bring this country back together and reign in the President, rather than seeking to punish him. If any progress is to be made in the next two years (and progess neeeeds to be made) we should not get bogged down in retribution but seek rather to be the party of the high road.

Let’s tackle real issues of healthcare, tax relief for all not just for the richest few, energy independence, and of course the war. If we send these issues to the desk of the President, and he chooses to hang on to an expired ideology that would have him veto good, sound legislation. Then, we’ll be certain of an encore in 2008.

If however we become the party of pettiness, it’s likely voters will not likey gravitate to Dems in 2008. We’ll be guilty of what this administration has all along, that is, taking voters and Americans for granted. For whatever ‘political capital’ the president may have had (and I’d argue he had very little to start with), he’s squandered it. Just threw it away.

Let’s not make the same error. Let’s be the country we’re capable of being. Strong, compassionate, a world leader. Because currently, we’re not. And history will ultimately provide the President with the retribution he may or may not deserve. He will be recorded as the worst President in modern American history.