I don’t think Clinton lost his cool. I think he only modeled a reaction for us we all should be exhibiting. To try – 6 years into a Republican controlled White House, and Congress – to pin national security woes on the previous administration is outrageous.

The question is NOT why wasn’t more done seven years ago, the question needs to be what has been done since. Namely – little. So often lately the media wonders what the Left has to offer. The picture painted is that Democrats have no vision to counter that of the failed ‘stay the course’ (even it’s the wrong one) misguidance of our current administration.

Well – here’s a voice. And, YES, he raised it. I hope it was heard. Revisionist history should not detour the conversation of what is being done now. Today. Yet this is the strategy that the Bush administration has so succesfully trotted out in the past. Give the Americans a decoy. Gays. Stem Cell Research. Abortion. War. Terrorism.

Give us a detracting topic over here with this hand, so that we don’t see what’s going on in this hand. The one in the cookie jar. The one covering the yawn. The one only half-hiding the giggle of how gullable we are to fall for this tactic EVERY time. The hand that is trying to turn the popularity chart upsdide down so that the numbers look positive.

Were not so many of us lemmings, this strategy would be laughable.

What has been done in the last 6, 7, and in 2008, 8 years? We need to hold this administration responsible for it’s deeds, misdeeds and non-deeds. Yes the Dems have a vision, they’ve always had it. They’ve just had laringitis. Clinton rectified that perception in this interview with Conservative-Hitman-Disguised-as-a-Journalist Wallace.

Yes he came across hot headed. And damn shame on you if you’re NOT heated. I wish he’d been able to reach across and bitch-slap Wallace and ask him… “are you for real?”.

The only other regret? That President Clinton didn’t sign off the interview with something like.. “what you just witnessed, is what you can expect a lot more of in the upcoming election, when America’s outrage is expressed at the polls, in the streets, and at the next Presidential Inauguration”.