How many movies have I gone to that I’ve relied on that ‘professional’ movie reviewer to give me insight as to weather I should spend my $10 to see a new release? Now, I never used to rely on these things but maybe, that was when we used to go to the Jerry Lewis Cinema, that was Fifty Cents. But, oops – I just dated myself.

Now that it requires one quarter a tank of gas (in itself an investment) to get into the movies – if the result is I’m going to be bored for two hours or worse, offended or disgusted – I’ll at least sort through the various opinions to get an ‘indication’ of whether it’s worth the money or not.

I have no plans to see the new “Why Did I Get Married”. But I heard this review on NPR and the reviewer, a producer on the program – was hysterical! I don’t need to see the movie now. She painted a good enough picture in how she didn’t like it – that I won’t have to. Teshima Walker was so animated during this review – I think I got my $10 without spending the $10! Have a listen – I linked it above.