Well, we have to do a walk through this evening. Or, hobble through. I twisted my ankle bad last week at work, and now Rob is accusing me of finding yet another reason to get out of the heavy lifting in a move. If you remember, when we arrived here (or more directly, when our things arrived) – I was in San Francisco. He’ll never let me live that one down.

So we have a hobble through this evening and I’m sure we’ll look around and say “Yah this is fine. Gimme the key.”

Not so fast. There’s all that paperwork – even though we’ve had tons already. But tomorrow we actually do the paperwork and do the real signing.

This tulip on my desk opened up – and was beautiful. I think Lavender Tulips now rank as high as Lavender Roses on my favorite flowers. These were from my co-workers for my birthday. I also got the most wonderful mixed arrangement from Kelly and Anthony so for awhile it was like a florist shop at my desk – but it was very cheery!

Autumn certainly has come ‘overnight’. Quite literally it was in the high 80s and evenings high 60s and yesterday I was blasted in the face with cold air and ran back in the house for a coat. It was in the 40s – and I thought I was going to die of cold!

Standing at the bus stop was no fun. Here’s a picture of the little turtle pond at work. I’m thinking you can see the little turtle in the middle. They lounge on the rocks and sun themselves. I wonder how they are liking the approaching winter?

Probably not very much I think.