On a trip to Michigan for Christmas. I put “Chismas” in the title, because we were still giving Rob’s Mom a hard time from last years’ place settings. Mine said “Chis” and so we’ve taken to celebrating Merry Chismas.

It was a very long drive.

14 Hours to St. Louis, and additional 9 to Michigan, but I likes to drive. What I didn’t like was the snow. We didn’t get too much of it thank goodness. But, what we did get slowed us down and so I had to concentrate hard which of course makes you exhausted once you reach your destination.

Stopping in St. Louis was fun! We finally had an opportunity to visit with Rich our good friend who we have been saying we should stop and see but never seem to find ourselves in Missouri!

Now we had a chance.

This picture of Rob was on a particularly sassy cold portion of our trip outside Indianapolis when he was giving me a hard time about how balmy that mid 20’s weather is. He likes to play up his midwestern roots sometimes while my teeth are chattering.


I simply got the in the car, cranked up the heat and locked the door. He finally said through the closed window that it wasn’t that warm outside. I thought not.

There was some snow on the ground. I took this picture over the head of Mom’s figurines in the window so that you could see it looks mighty cold outside, because it fricken is! I don’t care what these thick blooded Michiganders and Ohioans say. I’m looking forward to hitting the Texas stateline!!