Well, we made it home safely. It was a long drive. Basically about 21 hours. Whew. But, it was nice and in the end, we drove through like 7 states. We had a little chevy though that got good gas mileage and we had good music and it was a nice weather. Mostly.

We had a very Lego Christmas. Ryley, our nephew, is totally into the lego starwars thing. So, Rob spent his holiday sorting through thousands, and thousands of plastic pieces.

I – went shopping – for glassware. I mean, I am in the glass capital of America right? But, I was surprised that the only pieces I bought were all made in China 😦

Come to think of it – so was everything else. I was surprised that these glass pieces weren’t even made in America and so when we went back to mom’s I checked all the open gifts, and was surprised to find ‘everything’ was made in China.


But we had a great time. There’s one picture here of Malcom the fatt cat. He was so cute.

Glad to be home in Austin. Sounds funny to say Home and Austin still in the same sentence. But, it’s so nice – there’s no snow here!