My Truck Is Almost Done… and so we’ll have to get an alarm. I don’t think our new neighborhood is a problem, but more for when we’re driving around out in town.

Unfortunately, I’m on a budget. What does one do when you can’t afford an alarm, but can’t afford to replace this top and stereo one more damn time?

Answer: Give rob an official license to nag.

With this not built-in feature I can be reminded every time I walk away from the vehicle without removing the faceplate or the Ipod from the car. If I do, there will be an alert in a grating voice that will ask “did you bring in the faceplate and ipod!?!”. It will run continuously, and without interruption until I do so – so therein lies the motivation to go back and remove them at once!

I know it’s not the same as having an actual alarm – but maybe later in the summer I can scrape the pennies together for this.

Besides, in the meantime – it’s far cheaper, much louder, more annoying than a car alarm and you don’t have to have bulky ‘booper’ in your pocket. Hell – I may put off getting an alarm indefinitely!