Well… who knew? The whole voting thing in Texas is different than California. It’s like a Texas Two-step. There’s the voting and the caucus, and they are the same day, which essentially means you vote – twice.

I know.

First you go down and stand for an hour and a half in a line. The only good thing about this is gives you a chance to catch up on your cell phone calls but of course with one finger in an ear, because everyone else is catching up too. Or, you can spend a minute to get acquainted with of your neighbors. That’s nice.

Voting was a new experience. Here they caucus and vote on the same day with the delegates that your candidate gets being divided up between vote cast in the voting booth, and vote cast at the caucus. So, if you want your vote to ‘really’ count – you need to attend both.

I have the sniffles. That’s ok, I’ll just go down to the H.E.B. and get me some cold medicine – not so fast.

You may be asking what does smog have to do with cold medicine!?
Well, I’ll tell you. You can’t buy cold medicine with out a Texas Drivers License. Yes, I’m over 18 (barely). And yes, I have a drivers license. BUT – I don’t have a Texas Drivers License. So, stuffed up head? – too bad.

And, I couldn’t get my drivers license until I had a registration on my truck. And, I couldn’t get my registration on my truck until I had my smog – and once you have that, and you go to two different offices (one for registration, one for drivers licenses – see?) THEN you can buy cold medicine.Sigh.

We got a new car, one that will get better gas mileage than that truck! So, now we have the truck smogged it can get covered and go in the garage until someday when gas is less than a month’s salary per gallon and drive it again.

There’s a picture here too of Rob sitting on the back porch. We (insert royal version here) cleaned up the backyard of leaves and now Rob loves sitting out there under the trees and watching the (grey) skies. Also here, a picture of Uno who at 17 years old, this week – still doesn’t like the vacuum. You’d think he’d have gotten used to it by now! 🙂

Also a picture here of roommate Johnny and I at the movies. He works nights so – like a vampire we never see him in the daylight. I thought I’d snap a picture to prove he’s a day-walker and not a creature soley of the night.