Here we are in that space in Texas where it’s cold some mornings – with grey skies, and then some that are bright and sunny and leaning towards hot. It’s pretty dramatic the difference between the two.

I’ve been conflicted this whole primary season. I’ve always thought it would be great to have a woman president and to that end – I’ve been a Hillary supporter. But of course Barak is a breath of fresh air from traditional career politicians. Sigh. Then there’s the whole experience question. Which, of course – some downplay. But with the state of affairs in the world – particularly the goodwill this administration has squandered internationally – I don’t think the experience factor can be completely discounted. However it pans out (my hopes for Hillary are actually only slim – I think she’s near concession), I’ll support whomever the Democratic nominee is.

Here’s some pics. Here’s Johnny clean shaven. I was trying to get a snapshot of him with his sporty-goatee. Which I think he had for a day. But, ya gotta be quick I guess.

I went to the Barak headquarters doing some volunteer work. Yes, I know I just said I supported Hillary – but I’m surrounded by Barak-stars and they dragged me down there. Like I said, I don’t dislike Barak at all! So, it was nice to be in the headquarters here in Austin and see the enthusiasm – and all the young people! They seem to be fanatical supporters. Nice to see. This was a pink poster there that I liked.

Yet another shot of Uno, the most photographed cat in the feline history of the species. He’s just so darn cute and never shys from the camera, so what are you gonna do. Today, he turns 17! So, happy Birthday Uno.

Revolution motors will be new best friend. It’s where Bono the mechanic resides and while BMW’s are overall reliable cars, because you have to take them to a specialist the wait for service can be long and difficult. You can take it to the dealership sure.. for something like $125 an hour labor charge. So Bono was very nice when he did the initial inspection of my car. He works at Revolution where everyone there speaks with a different accent. I hope we become close, but not too close!!

And here’s a friend John. We went to Eric’s (Aka Jessica) house for an evening of the video game Rock Band. Wow, was that fun! Like Guitar Hero, Rob’s favorite game, you add vocals, drums and a bass guitar. It’s way more fun than just GH.

Lastly, Mike the roommate moved out. He has moved on to his own place with new friends – and although he stayed just a short time, we’ll miss him. However there’s a new face on the horizon. We have Eric moving in with us after the first of the month. He’s currently in South America doing an intensive Spanish language course/experience. He seems very outgoing and with a great sense of humor so I think we’ll get along great! He’s also a coffee lover and appears a pretty happy dude – it’ll be nice to add him to the Austin Homestead.

Rob is in Detroit this last weekend. He’s speaking at his first recovery conference. Of course, I’m so proud of him and I know he did great – and can’t wait to hear the CD. This is a picture of our nephew Grady who looks like he’s doubled in size just since we saw him at Christmas!

Oh, and I’ve been listening to Pandora ( I love this site. It’s got my favorite music and if you haven’t used it – go there. I heard about it a while ago I must admit from Mark, former roommate in Sacramento and I was all “yah, yah – that’s nice – a music site”. But, now I’m hooked.

I’m traveling to California the first week of April and can’t wait. Going to the conference in Monterey and going to stop and visit family and friends in Sac. Hopefully, if you’re from there, and you’re reading this – be on the look out! I’ll be at North Hall the first Thursday in April. Hope to see you there.

Until later….