Easter snuck up on us quieter than Peter Cottontail. Really. Someone said what are you doing for Easter, and I replied “I haven’t thought that far ahead” And they said, “It’s in two days”. I was all. “Oh”. I really had no idea it was so early this year. And, it was another reminder of this transition to Texas. We traditionally spend it with family hiding eggs and watching our nieces and nephews scramble to find the candy and eggs around the yard. It’s annual admonishment day for me, since Rob reprimands me for putting my eggs too high or in too hard to find places. I sent out my Happy Easter text messages and received a funny response from one of my many athiest friends.

He reminded me it was “Zombie Jesus Day”

. So, for the remainder of the weekend we wished each other Happy ZJ Day.

There’s a picture here of the serene little stream on the Whole Foods patio. I like going there on Sundays and hanging out with the birds. Although H.E.B. the major grocery chain here and the store with near-monopoly was closed. So because it was ZJ day, and few stores were open, Whole Foods was a zoo.

There’s also a picture of my spoons that I’m supposed to be eating with. For those of you who don’t know, I’m scheduled to have surgery in May. It’s all tentative since the insurance company hasn’t given final approval, but they’ve initially said it’s OK and at least have helped with all my pre-surgery appointments.

So, in theory, I’m supposed to have the lap-band surgery. I’m looking forward to this since my weight is something I’ve struggled with over the last several years (over ten years now). It’s recently gotten worse as I was called fatty by a group of kids the other day at a street corner. Not that it isn’t true, but that hadn’t happen to me before. And, the sober-stalker I’ve accumulated has been sending us mean text messages commenting on the weight. It’s not that I’ve been in denial about it, it’s that I feel helpless in this regard.

But, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it as I’m sure there will be a long string of upcoming blogs related to my progress in this area. My family and others are very happy that I’ll be having this procedure, and I’ll blog my progress so that those I love in California will be able to keep up with how I’m doing.

There’s a fun picture of split-faced Rob on here. And the last picture is of my friend Mike from Blanco. We were traveling to Obama headquarters here in Austin and it was so funny because I was following him and suddenly he stops in the middle of traffic. He ran around to the rear of the car and scraped the bumper. Mike was a huge Bill Richardson supporter but didn’t want to show up at O.H. with a Bill Richardson sticker on his car. So funny.