We were in Dallas this weekend.

This was the first time that either of us had been there. Of course, we’ve been through the airport many times as it seems like a hub to everywhere, but we’ve only seen it from the air.

We went to an 80s dance and it was great fun. There was a large group of us, and it was a very fun road trip!

I’m sure I’ll have more pictures on here next visit, but wanted to do a quick update to let you know we’re back.

The first picture though is of my Dad’s truck. He had an accident last week. He was rear ended and pushed across the lanes of incoming traffic. He was very fortunate and it could have been much worse. This is someone’s yard though, who received my dad’s truck through their hedge and nearly into their house. He’s recovering well and has some back-pain and his vertigo is bad, but he’s home and not in the hospital – and resting.

These are the shoes of Princess Lala, aka Steve. Steve has more shoes than Imelda Marcos and these were his pink striped converse-style sneakers. At the dance, we all wore pink carnations so that folks would know our group was from Austin. Thanks Stewart (it was his idea). Of course, Miss Lala couldn’t have a pin running through her blouse. So, he came up with the unique idea of wearing one on each shoe like cheerleader poms. Great fun.

And Sunday, I was so wiped out I just laid on the couch. All day. No, really. All day. We didn’t get home from Dallas until like 3am (It’s a 3 hour drive to Austin) and we were tired. Here’s a snapshot of Uno – doing all he does these days – sleeping with me on the couch. It was gray and a little drizzilly outside so it was the perfect day to wrap up with the comforter and Uno and watch Oprah.

Hope your weekend was as fulfilling and relaxing!