I had a great time in California even if it was such a short visit.

I got to go by North Hall and say ‘hi’ to folks. I snapped this picture of the bathroom to show the folks in Austin, at Lambda, how fabulous a bathroom can be. See?!

My subcompact wasn’t available, so they upgraded me to a convertible PT Cruiser instead. Fine with me! I had a great time with the top down along the ocean. Although it was chilly.

Monterey was great (as usual). It was beautiful and I loved being at the ocean. I forgot how much I missed it. The greenery picture is right outside my room at the resort I stayed at in Monterey. It was a fun conference and I think my talk went well – or so folks said.

Traveling to California was super fun and I met some great folks. On my flicker site you can see pictures of crew I ran with while I was there. They were such a nice group of women and they went to some length to track me down to invite me to California. Gotta love those folks in Recovery. They are tenacious and willful when it can be a good thing!

There’s a picture here of Poodle who I stopped to have lunch with on my way out of town. And, a picture of one of my new friends Jon aka Selena when we were out at a Taqueria the other night. I didn’t get the name of that place but everything was uber cheap and it was so good! We’ll have to go back there, for sure.

Also pictured here is Jerold, aka Jeroldine. It was so nice seeing him and Rita Lynn who were cutting up during the meeting and I was practically forced to ”shoosh”them! Who knew folks were having so much fun in Sacramento in my absence. 🙂 I also got to see Marissa, and Willamina and a whole bunch of folks I love and miss. I stayed with the ever hospitable Bunny and Ginger. It was great!

Lastly, there’s a picture in here of Eric, aka Jessica. He’s in full laugh and it’s a great picture I think. This too was at the taqueria. What was the name of that place!!??