Well my friends. Today was the day. I’m coming out. Not in the way that you might think. Or, you might be thinking – I thought you already did that?

I’m coming out as an ashamed and embarrassed person.

It’s not been something I’ve been comfortable with. I, like many of the people in America, am obese.

I haven’t really wanted to talk about it. It’s a sore subject. I’ve talked about everything there is to talk about. “Really? That diet worked for you? Well thanks – yes, I’ll try that”. “Yes, I’m sure portion control is important. Thanks”. and “Thanks, I know maybe if I exercised more…”.

Most of my well meaning friends and family have offered solicited and unsolicited advice, recommendations and condolences over the years. I take these without any malice because I know they are never delivered with any. I feel wonderful to be loved and supported by so many folks who feel compelled to tell me that they have concern for me, and my health, and my long term ability to be around for the long haul if I don’t do something about my weight.

So, I’ve been working for about 5 years now to try and get Lap Band surgery. As might imagine it’s pretty expensive. I think about $25,000 for the procedure and anaesthesiologist. I’ve been trying to convince my HMO and now PPO that this is a medical necessity for me. It’s been a struggle. If I could harness as much energy as I’ve had to expend with the insurance companies to a tread mill – I might not have had the elevated blood pressure and everything else that is now starting to creep in with the weight I’ve now had for an extended period.

I don’t want this entry to become to wordy. I just wanted to let you know that today

the insurance company finally conceded that this problem has been going on since 1990 and 18 years later, after a pattern of weight that has taken me from 170lbs (from a low of 135) to now 285 lbs., it’s time to do something radical.

So, I’m having the lap band surgery May 20, 2008. I look forward to eating a new way, looking a new way, and hopefully a reversal of my overall health trend.

I’m glad that you’ll be there with me! It means so much! And, like everything else I’ve accomplished in my life – it’s always easier when I walk through it with you. I’ll keep you up to date. So check back in the coming weeks as I mark my progress! I’m so happy right now. I just found out a moment ago, and came here to tell you first! Take care, be well – and I’ll chart my progress so you’ll know how I’m doing!