So, I hadn’t updated my blog like I hoped I would because I was feeling pretty poorly right after surgery. But, I’m feeling great now, so no more excuses.

Beginning weight 280, Current weight 257

I went to Austin Surgical Hospital in the morning of my surgery. The folks there were very nice. I went ahead and cut all my hair off so I wouldn’t have to do the dirty hair thing in the hospital – gross.

The surgery itself was good except that those lovely folks could not find my veins for the I.V. Fourteen pokes later and calling in the Anesthesiologist to find the vein and I was out in no time at all. I remember being wheeled into the operating room and even moving over to the table. But, then it was me waking up. It didn’t hurt too bad, I was mostly just tired. I was sore too but mostly feeling nausea from the gas that they use. They fill you with gas to move around inside you, so that gets trapped inside once they close you up. It feels like indigestion but only worse.

After I got home, I was on the couch for a week. I thought I’d bounce right up maybe 2, or at the most three days later. Nope.

The pain medication made me feel like a zombie and I was nauseous and had a fever. It was difficult to hold down even water. I didn’t throw-up once. That’s good because that’s one of the things they warn about as you don’t want your band to slip. Unfortunately I got so dehydrated and potassium deficient I was extremely weak and my legs felt like they were on fire! No – really. On fire.

But once the fever went away and I could eat a smashed banana and have some water, all was better. I wasn’t able to go back to work the second week after all. I was still too sore. My bruising on my stomach didn’t start until the second week and then it was so painful, I could hardly move. I stopped taking the pain medication however because I just felt foggy, not better, because of it.

In fact, I think I really started getting better when I stopped taking that medication.

So, I’m back at work. I’m feeling great. Although I haven’t had my first saline fill. I’m expecting to do that next week – and I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m not looking forward to it, because it means more needles. God, I hate those! But I am anxious to have the fill because my appetite has been growing. And, without the restriction of the band, there’s not much to keep me from eating.

The nurse at the clinic said, “well, until we get your band filled you’ll just have to restrain yourself. Just don’t eat.”

Hello?! If it were that simple – would I have needed the surgery in the first place? Thought not.

I’ll be happy to let you know how I’m progressing but folks have already said they’ve seen progress. I don’t so much see it yet, but my pants do fit just a little looser but I haven’t gone down a size or anything yet. I hope you’re doing well – and I look forward to seeing you soon.