Mom and Rocki came to Austin last week and we had a great time. The weather was warm and sunny (ok, blazing hot and sunny) but we did get a thunderous shower with Texas-size hail while they were here and that broke up the weather for just an afternoon. Thank goodness it wasn’t that pelting hail that dents cars, that we’ve heard so much about.

We did so much over the weekend they were here it’s really amazing. I told my co-workers when I returned to work and they were stunned that I dragged my poor mother all over the tourist guide when she was here, but it was all fun fun fun.

Last weekend was fun too. We went to the movies to see Mary Poppins. I don’t know that I’ve every really watched the whole movie from beginning to end, so that was fun. The film even broke in the middle of the showing which made us all laugh and remember that’s what it used to be like going to the movies.

This weekend is the 4th of July and it will be my first in Texas. I’m not sure what they do around here for the holiday itself. I’m sure there’s fireworks or something. We’ll be going on Sunday to the Zilker Theatre in the Barton Springs park to see Beauty and the Beast. Our friend Leslie is playing the role of Lumiere and we’re anxious to spend the day with Aunt Bea and celebrate his birthday.

I hope this writing finds you well. I’m doing pretty good. I’m 254 today down from 280 on May 20th. So, let’s see that makes an average of just over 4 lbs a week. So, pretty good. I’m feeling better and although I don’t really “see” any changes yet, folks around me say they do. So, I haven’t had to buy any new clothes yet, we’ll see if that changes soon too.