So we’re recovering from our 4th of July weekend, that was packed with so much fun. We enjoyed spending time with friends and enjoying the fireworks. Our friend David TMT hosted a wonderful rooftop party to watch the fireworks over downtown. I made a 4-layer berry biegnet. It was tasty and tall. Then we celebrated our friend Rob’s birthday at the Romeos restaurant on Barton Springs. It was good food and great fun. Earlier that morning we had taken our aim at trying disc-golf for the first time. We went to Zilker Park to meet with Mike and Jeff and throw the disc around. It was a good time. Then that evening we were back at Zilker Park at the theatre to see Beauty and the Beast. Our friend Leslie was onstage as Lumier the candelabra. What fun that was! We had a dessert picnic and it was a lovely evening. On the weight loss front it hadn’t been going well. I began to refer to my lapband as the hoola-hoop because it was about as big and about as effective at stopping/slowing food into the stomach. Holy jamoly. All that money, time and effort – and nothing. But, that was just me being discouraged and not getting results from the scale as fast as I’d like. I’ve now gone to the Drs. office and had a new saline fill. This time they added some more at my request – and I can already tell the difference, and it’s only been 48 hours. I’m hardly eating but don’t feel like I’m suffering so much. I don’t know if I feel “full” as much as I feel nauseous at the thought of eating. But hey, I’m not starving – and that was what I most feared. I hate feeling deprived and hungry and I haven’t felt either of those things. Let’s see how it goes. Starting weight: 280 – Today: 253.