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Well, I lost more weight this week. Now, it’s 246 from a start of 280. So, slowly but surely. We had our Idol weekend last Saturday. Where I sang (or attempted to, no really – attempted) and Eric played the piano. He did such a good job! I wish I’d practiced more because he worked so hard and when the lights hit me it was like that episode of when Cindy Brady goes on TV. I was all .. what? duh.

Eric was so sweet and played a few extra stanzas until I could remember what the damn words were! It was horrible and we didn’t make it even into the top 7. Sorry Eric! I’ll try harder next time! If there ever is one.

We worked to clean up the hall on Sunday as we have been for a few weeks now. And, Friday was Eric’s pool party. His family came to visit from West Virginia so we were over at Janis’ playing the Wii and having a great time.

I hope you’re doing well! If you haven’t checked out facebook lately, I’ve been uploading pictures and stuff – so check it out at facebook.com

Take care!