Alright, I thought
I had seen it all but it appears that this upcoming campaign is going to be a one upmanship of you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Latest on the gall front is the Republican proposal to turn their convention into something akin to a Jerry Lewis Telethon. Before Gustav has even arrived yet, the dark side has already begun a spun of how to try and take a national disaster and use it to their benefit.

Folks, I’m talking about a get-out-the-hankies-and-the-credit-card and let’s call in a pledge, tacky.

Now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against providing to relief to those in crisis. I’m not against the Red Cross. I’m not against helping anyone in our nation who needs assistance. What I find distasteful about this proposal (clink title above to link to the NPR article) is taking what should clearly be a non-partison, all-hands, every-American-pitch-in event and try and make it into a Republican versus Democrat, who-can-be-more-compassionate bull-shit-athon.

Really – if this is only the latest shot of the campagne and not the be all end all, my stomach may completely turn before I ever get to the polls!

And, all the while the media both “liberal” and Anti-Decency-Fox-Network outlets claim to have some insight into the process that we all lack. That Obama’s numbers fall while McCains’ rise and somehow they are supposed to be neck and neck. Are you blind? Did you not see the largest collected audience in political convention history last week? Are your fingers so numb from spinning hype that there’s no feeling left in the finger-tips to even FEEL the pulse of America?

What the media isn’t taking into account is a as-yet-unnamed or explained index I like to call the BCHF index.

What that is, is – the BUSH CHENEY HATE FACTOR. Like most Americans I will watch the debates. I may weigh the pros and cons of each side. I’ll put on my thoughtful face and see if Palin has any redeeming factors what-so-ever (so far, we’re coming up way short). And, I’ll grimace at the thought of Hillary’s disaffected jumping ship to a McCain ticket.

But just before the polls, people will look at the current administration and man, woman, liberal, middle-of-the-road, Clinton-loving, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Purple-people-eating alike will all say “WHAT WAS I THINKING!?” “Four more years of anything resembling the current Domestic-Axis-of-Evil is just plain LUNACY”.

Why don’t I just take my retirement and load it into the toilet and pull the handle? Why don’t I just push my Prius off a cliff? Because at this pace, the cost of fuel won’t even allow me to fill up that tank. Why don’t I just stack my furniture furniture into a pyramid and light it on fire? Because if, I live in an oil-heated home, it may be my only option of staying alive this winter. Or, why don’t I just lock myself in a bubble, like John Travolta in that movie from the 70’s because if I ever get any kind of communicable disease or anything require more than Aspirin, it will be the equivalent to a death sentence without health insurance!

No. The BCHF will kick in and this could be a landslide election the likes of which my generation has only seen on the History Channel. I firmly believe this.

That does not dissolve my necessity to get out and vote, or to talk at every opportunity or do whatever I can to help – but in the end – I trust my neighbors and community aren’t suicidal-lunatic-401k flushing-Ditto-heads – DESPITE what media polls may show today, they will come to their senses, and do the right thing.

There’s no way at this juncture to account for the BCHF – but as we get closer to election time: Watch Out.