I really don’t care that Bristol Palin is pregnant. The underlying feeling I’m sure most folks have is that they don’t care either. What creates such an uproar in times like this isn’t so much the morals, or lack of morals depending on your perspective but the appearance that a finger pointer has had their finger turned around.

The danger of a party that positions itself as the only party having the moral authority or high ground is that there will be those that will look to see if you practice what you preach. I don’t think what Bristol has been engaging in is immoral, but it has been interesting to see the peddling, juggling and spinning going on.

And all of this does call into question how well vetted Palin was before McCain selected her as a running mate. Sure his campaign has indicated they knew in advance. That’s possible. But I think it’s highly unlikely that they would have let the story unravel the way it has. If they did know and allowed the media to make a circus of the topic, it speaks more to their competency to run a campaign – and by extension the country.

As the days of the campaign draw out, one wonders what other news bits the McCain campaign knows about their VP pick that they haven’t disclosed yet. Are they waiting to see if the media picks up on it – and THEN claim they knew all along? Will they be forced to back pedal at any time and claim they’d like to take a mulligan on the pick?

I don’t know if her decision to have the baby speaks to the family’s high regard for ‘life’ in as much as the story of how she was carted off to clinic would be unspinnable.

Now the only questions to be answered is girl or boy? and what name, and what will the nursery look like? Oh, and when she marry the baby daddy – will the pro-gun-toting-momma-in-law be standing by to make sure all “I do’s” go as planned? That would be some executive leadership.