Hey all. Well, it’s time to update on the weight loss. It’s been going smooth and steady. It averages to about 2 pounds per week, which is what the Dr. said was an expected and healthy rate. I was skeptical as some weeks there’s very little change, and then others it drops faster.

You can click on the graph to see it larger. But, I’m glad there is less nausea.

I’m thinking I’ll have to buy some new clothes soon. Yes – I’ve been wearing my old clothes. Mostly because you know, I’m frugal that way and hate the thought of spending money on a size that I might zoom past makes me clutch my dollars harder.

But, folks at work have commented that my clothes are a little loose fitting. I take it as a compliment most times and say “thanks”. But, then the other day I was walking by a mirror at work and was appalled. It was total clown-hobo look. I couldn’t believe my pants were cinched up by a belt that was on the smallest hole, and a shirt that was hanging loose everywhere.

I was shocked and then laughed and then went back to shocked. So, I guess I’ll have to buck up and buy a new outfit or two. Maybe I’ll buy tight and hope to grow into it. I supposed that’s the converse of my weight gain days when I would buy just a little loose with the sub-conscience thought that I might gain weight and then they wouldn’t fit if they were too snug.

So, all is going good. I’m going to a support group. I went to my first clothing trade, but there was no men there, and I think my co workers would rather see me in my current baggy clothes, than a flowery dress that fits. Everyone has continued to be supportive. I had a birthday last week and the tradition of our workplace is that you get taken to lunch, but instead my coworkers gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That was thoughtful of them.

Let me know how you’re doing. Especially if I haven’t heard from you in a while.