I, like many of my friends, have become a Facebook junky. It’s become part of my semi daily routine. Just like checking my voicemail, checking my email, now I’ve added – checking my Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family. What are they up to? What is going on in their daily lives, let’s see their pictures. What are they doing right this minute? What is their status update? This one is at Starbucks – this one is feeling blue – this one is at work, and should be working – this one is climbing a mountain (which makes you wonder, why the hell would you be at the top of a mountain, trying to connect to facebook?!) (Insert laugh here). We all gave the person a hard time about that one.

When I was drinking, I’d often think well – I can’t have a probelm, because I’m not as bad as him or her! And, I find myself doing the same thing. I would never climb to the top of a mountain, and rather than taking in the view, hope that I could get an internet connection so I could announce to the world that in this moment I feel happy. Not that I’m at the top of a mountain, but that I could connect to Facebook.

But now, for those of you who are Facebookers too, you know it’s not just about the collection of updates and peeks into what folks are up to. There’s all these applications which run on Facebook and I can play scrabble-word scraper-scrabulous with one group, race cars online with another group, and send birthday cards, receive little daily well wishes, and Ouch! I just got poked!

If you’re wondering if this writing will be a litany – or railing on the evils of Facebook – think again! I’m in the middle of my addiction! I don’t have a problem.

Oh and I just beat my friend Eddie (aka Emma) in Word Scraper. She’s one of the most linguistically intellegent friends I have who traditionally kicks my ass from one end of the block to the other. But on this day I achieved a monumental victory. No, I didn’t lose a hundred pounds (yet), no – I’m not counquering a mountain top, nor did I discover a cure for the common cold..


I even took a picture of the screen to prove that it actually happened. I hope you’re as happy for me as I would if you’d discovered I had just won the lottery. Because I may not ever do that but I did this.

Ok. I can go back to trying to be humble again. Thanks for indulging me in this gloating commercial.