Hey. Well, I wanted to provide an update to those who inquire regularly. Thank you so much for your support.

I’m happy about the progress and when you ask, it makes me feel like you care too.

Also an Uno the Cat update. Our little kitty is better. He was out of it for about a week, and we thought we were going to lose him. He was just in one spot and not eating, drinking or going to the bathroom. His eyes were only half open so we set up a little spot for him so he could sleep. He seemed to like the little heating pad we set up (in fact, he’s better now but still hangs out on that pad!)

We cut up some chicken, his favorite and put that down next to him. Eventually he’d try and eat something and then drink some water and this lasted about several days but eventually he started crying again at 5am for chicken. Normally, this would NOT make me happy, but the first morning in over a week, where he cried for a 5am feeding, I was up and out of bed so fast! I was just so happy he was appearing to be heading back to normal.

He’s lost even more weight and is just hanging out on his heating pad most of the time, but it’s nice that he appears from most aspects his usual self.

Thanks to those that asked.

Election day is tomorrow! I’ll be hanging out at our friends John and Chris’ home so we can celebrate this historic moment together. It’ll be historic no matter how it turns out right? But we all know HOW it will turn out. I’m confident.

We’ll also be eyeing west to see how our family and friends are doing with Proposition 8. It is so sad really that folks insist on putting love as a constitutional referendum. I’m surprised by some folks stance on this issue who are sometimes considered in minority groups themselves. It was only 1969 that the last law in America which made it unlawful for peoples of two different races to marry. There was a time in this country where some were viewed as “property” and thus, had no ability to determine who they’d love or be able to marry. There was even a time when women had little say over matrimonial decisions.

To think of what I’ve been hearing in the media from some folks associated with these groups, it makes me shake my head. It’s beyone comprehension really. I hope that justice and common sense prevails. I think we’re seeing in the presidential election that the country is ready for change and healing – and I hope this sentiment extends to the California propositions where folks can say enough of the deviciveness. I hope it all goes well.