Well, I’m now 7 months after my surgery. I’m still making progress! I’m averaging about 2.2 pounds per week weight loss. So, for today that accumulates to 80 pounds. I’m now 200 down from 280.

I think that’s amazing. I feel better and am able to move easier. I’m also seeing the first signs of baggy skin. eww. But, I think that’s a price I’m completely willing to pay for improved health. Friends all comment on the amazing transformation but I’m thinking when I see my friends in California next month and Detroit in March, all who haven’t seen me since before the surgery – they will really be surprised.

You can see from the graph, it really adds up that’s for sure.

This week was President Obama’s inauguration. I wish now I had taken the day off. It was too difficult to try and watch it at work. The internet streaming kept jumping and of course there were still clients in need – so I was pulled away so many times – I just gave up. I watched it at home that evening. It seems like so many folks were touched, I think it’s great that we had a national moment. I really didn’t detest Pastor what’s his face so much that day. I was too filled with hope to allow differences to diminish the feeling.

I hope whereever you were, and who you were with, were also filled with hope. With so much work to do – all of our hopes need to be with our national leaders these days.

Be well until I see you again.