Well. I made an agreement with myself I would sit down immediately once the scale dipped below 200 because in my mind, that would be a huge accomplishment!

I haven’t been under 200 pounds since 1992. Not that I haven’t tried. 

I have been feeling particularly nauseous this week but have pushed through with my regular routines knowing that it would appear that less eating always results in loss.

So, it would appear – an uncomfortable day equals a good weight loss day.


But, all is well here. I’m doing fine and am able to move around much better so I guess my excuses for not visiting the gym more often are slipping away. Yikes.

Here’s a spontaneous picture of Rob that is one of my new favorites. Also is Resta and Cupcake at our favorite Yogurt place I turned everyone onto – Planet Yogurt. Great yogurt, terrible smoothies.

Then we have the smiling Adam, who we’ve determined is called “Minnie” because he’s quiet as a MOUSE. 

Lastly we have the lovely Selena in our kitchen getting a new do from Serene and we’re all one big happy home in our home/barber salon here in Texas! I hope this note finds you well and I’m excited about my visit to California next month. 🙂  Be well.