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A weekend here in Austin. Back home after a great California trip. 

Last year we had a challenge getting the Dakota to pass the Texas inspection. Which, of course, made no sense to us since it just had passed California smog, which is supposed to be stricter.
I was worried because the technician told me last year that it only passed “barely”. And, it would likely not pass again. But, we did have the fuel injection system replaced since then, so it passed. Which, I should have suspected it would. But, it still didn’t curb my surprise and when the technician handed me the paperwork, I looked down half expecting the same “fail” that I received last year. When I scanned the paperwork though, I didn’t see it. So, I asked “did it pass?” and when he said “sure”. I said..   “IT DIDDDD?????”.
He looked sort of strange at me.
I’m just happy to be back on the road.