OK. I just listened to the Republican response to the President’s address last week. It took me a while to get around to it. But, I had heard some negatives from some folks so before passing judgement on something I hadn’t heard first hand, I thought that I should sit and listen.

This guy is a moron. Or, maybe he’s super intelligent. But he comes across like one because he talks in baby-speak. I feel like I should have a plate of cookies, glass of milk and a fuzzy blanket curled up on my lap when he talks.

Does he really think people are that stupid? I mean when he says tells the story of the sheriff yelling in the phone. I had Mr. Rogers Neighborhood flashbacks. I envisioned the Governor of Louisiana wearing a cardigan and taking off his shoes.

It was really hard to get to the substance of what he said because of the kindergarten delivery. Awful.

But, there was substance in what he said. He condemned in his words “something called volcano monitoring”. What? I wonder if Governor Jindal replaced the word “volcano” with the word “hurricane” – if he’d think it was such an inane expendture. Come on! Do, folks who AREN’T in LOUISIANA deserve less protection? Or, maybe those folks who are dumb enough to live next to a volcano and persist on building in the path of a lava river get what they deserve? But, shouldn’t they be at least afforded warning that disaster is about to strike? Or, is that reserve for those in the Big Easy?

I think he ought to be ashamed of himself for his insensitive comments, unthoughtful conclusions, and moronic delivery. If THIS is the hope of the Republican party (some have even floated Jindal as a potential rival to Obama in the next Presidential election) the state of the Republican party has a lot more in common with our economy than I thought.

Which is to say, we all think it’s bad – but the truth is it may actually be much worse than any of us believe. Poor republicans – they may never, in this generation, be a viable alternative to the democratic or any other party.

That stands to reason. George W. broke the world – why wouldn’t the republican party be included in that?