We really did have the best weekend. And, managed to cram a lot in actually. We played Uno (those folks from Dallas are ruthless and have the meanest rules. I loved it!)

And, we drank coffee and hung out at Spider House. Well, until the birds became a bit much. Poor Steve shrieked like Tippy Hedron and nearly ran all the way back to Dallas from Austin. But, to be fair – the birds were a bit much!! When they began dropping bombs, we had to call it an afternoon.
We walked through SoCo and even found some new outfits for the folks for the upcoming 80s dance. And, we found the classic candy store! That was fun. But, no takers on the chocolate covered bacon. Can you blame them? Ewww.
Cassy and Kevin got some shots of the Capitol. And, we did the standards of Threadgills, Magnolia Cafe, and of course, Kerbey Lane. 
All in all – it was very relaxing and we made some great new friends. I hope they all come back soon. Maybe in June? But, we plan to make it to Dallas in May and now I feel so much better about the journey, knowing there’ll be some familiar faces on the other end of the trip.
Hope you’re doing well. Let us know!