Well. How can we take seriously anyone as anti-American as Rush Limbaugh? Anti-American. That’s what I said. No different than anyone ever accused of being a communist, socialist, extremist, or anything else that the Republicans hurled so easily in the last 8-years at anyone who didn’t support the Iraq war, or support an indefensible George W. Bush.

Now the defacto leader of the Republican party doesn’t even mask his disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree with him. This goes beyond partisan differences and bickering. For anyone to say they hope that the President fails, before he’s even had a chance to start – can only be described as “Un-American”.

If the Republican party truly wants to reassert itself as a viable option to any other political ideas offered by the Green, Libertarian, or Democratic parties it’s time for them to step up and denounce this man as someone who is NOT their leader. This week he has in as much asserted himself as so. When he says he has no desire to be the leader, we have a hard time believing this – since his actions and words instruct otherwise.

Rush represents everything that is failed about Republican politics. Just as we learned in the Milk movie (on the life of Harvey Milk) – you gotta give em hope. The Republican party is running a deficit in this area. It is, hopeless. They offer no solutions, no alternatives, nothing that moves us in a positive direction. They merely want to complain about anything anyone else proposes. And, now through their perennial hero, Rush Limbaugh, they have taken off their mask to reveal their true selves. The ugly part.

The result is an image of a party that is beyond just trying to find itself. It is, hitting a bottom so to speak. My hope is that it can’t get uglier than this. It’s time for the self-identified Ditto Heads, to step up and say YES – THIS MAN SPEAKS FOR US.. or denounce him for the lunatic the rest of America believes him to be.

I can tell you this much, with certainty. He is NOT helping your cause.