Perhaps it’s best that Eunice followed so closely by Ted has passed on into another dimension.

We can always recall fondly the times that the Kennedy’s represented some of the best of America and what it stood for.
Sure there will be those who would go on, and on about how in some ways they represented the worst. But, even so. No, family should have to endure what the Kennedy’s have. No family.
One thing that can be assured is that they were patriots. Perhaps, not your brand of patriots, but patriots nonetheless. And, while I feel sad that another icon of Americana has passed from the scene, I can’t help but wonder if it’s all for the best. What I mean by that is – that with the current state of this nation and radical element that is being fed by the evilest forces in this country – it’s probably just as well that folks from a different era aren’t forced to witness the decline of our American society and the slip into what I believe, may someday be, civil war.
While that in itself may seem like a radical notion. I’d like to draw attention to the last few weeks and the tactics the Republicans in this country have turned to. So pleased during the Bush years to mock the liberals with we won, you lost, get over it, they are now in the opposite position, and seem the least likely candidates to embrace democracy. That notion that the will of the people should govern our land is completely foreign to them. While they talk about American values, they simultaneously have adopted of posture of louder is better.
It would appear that merely drowning out your opponents viewpoint, or turning up the volume on your rhetoric means winning. It does not. It means whining.
So while we have protesters at town hall meetings carrying guns and painted signs of our President with Swastikas and mustaches. While they burn their Democratic Party congressional representatives in effigy and talk about the tree of freedom needing a drink of the blood of the likes of our elected officials – those who would never espouse violence to solve our countries differences have passed on.
I would never propose violence to solve anything.
That’s why when we have the FAUX news network espousing tea parties and mimicking the poisoning of the Speaker of the House – I do think that the level of incivility will only rise. And, ultimately a shot will be fired. Perhaps at our President by some misguided, brainwashed malcontent who probably would be the one to tell you killing (as in abortion doctors) to stop the killing is a reasonable idea.
Perhaps it will be a shot fired at one of our elected congressional officials, or maybe it will come from the other side, whereas a liberal just can’t take it anymore – because some of the stuff they are claiming is utter nonsense!
Do you really think that President Obama proposes and supports death panels? Really? If so, please – stop reading this blog, and go directly to the asylum. Really.
We will have to wait until the next round of elections for America’s referendum on all this nonsense. The sad part is that even if there’s another extension of the Democratic revolution, and we gain an even BIGGER majority – there are those that will simply revert to louder is winning. And that certainly won’t help anything. It will be interesting to see how the FAUX news network and others in the Conservative media will try to spin this into having us believe that they had no part in it. That guns don’t kill people – people kill people – while all the while they’ve been cleaning, loading, and handing the gun to the radical factions that they know will use it.
Yes, while it’s sad that the end of the Kennedy era has passed – I think they are better off to not have seen what we have descended into – or what may become far worse than it is now. Good bye Senator Ted Kennedy.