I wonder where the magic-better-than-yours-why-don’t-you-consider-this Republican Health Care plan is? What do they propose. For a group that has no new ideas, no proposal, and nothing new to offer, they certainly have gotten a lot of traction with no promise of anything.

Why on earth would anyone listen to the negative of a group that isn’t offering an alternative. This only solidify’s the reputation of the Republicans becoming the party of “NO”.

The plan, as I understand it (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/09/09/transcript-gop-response-obamas-health-care-address/) Read Rep Charles Boustany’s response of the Obama Healthcare Proposal: the Republican party would have you.. just not get sick. Rather, make healthier choices, earlier in life and these problems won’t exist.

Are you kidding me?

For reals.

That’s your solution?

Ok ladies and gentleman.

This Nancy-Regan-Just-Say-No approach may work if offered an illicit drug, but not when the demon of heart attacks is standing on your porch.

There’s simply no way of knowing if you’ll be in that percentile that experiences a catastrophic health event, and if you do – is that the appropriate time to establish how much you contributed to the condition? Is that what formula we’ll use to determine how much a person will pay for their portion of the bill? Talk about death panels, who will head the what-portion-is-yours panels?

The conservative folks of this country are beating their chest, and crying and espousing lies but in all that there are no concrete plans on what they suggest we do instead. So, until they put up – I’d offer – shut up as a good plan.

Thank you.