Dash. Ugh
Originally uploaded by SolisRough

Even when bad things happen, one can still find some solace in knowing that things could always be worse. No. Really. They could be.

Gratitude often comes in the form of either how it could be worse or the people in your life that you share these events with that somehow lessen the problem and help reduce it to it’s right size.

This picture is what I woke up to this morning when peering inside my vehicle but here’s what makes it not such a big deal.

1. They chose my car over some poor frail or elderly person that wouldn’t be as ready to deal with the police and insurance issues that always follow.

2. I have insurance.

3. They broke the window and not sliced through the convertible top.

4. I have a vehicle to break into.

5. Hell – I have two. So, this wasn’t my only way to get to work this morning.

6. The Diamond Dog Dodge is a “thing”. It’s not an irreplaceable person or something like my health.

7. Husbands who remind you of number 6 while standing in their jammies among broken glass.

8. Husbands who while in the state of number 7, send you off to work, while they call the police.

9. Husbands who sweep glass and move the truck back into a safe place in the garage.

10. Husbands.

11. Especially #10.