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We have a tradition that we’ve acquired since moving to Texas. That’s that we travel to Houston to be with friends.

It’s turned into a very fun weekend of shopping, hanging out, catching up and of course – eating. But, really the whole weekend is about gratitude. This year was much scaled back in terms of pace.

I think that’s a good thing although it takes some getting used to. I’m used to being in the middle of everything. This year I purposely took a back seat to let others take a lead. I didn’t even participate in half the outings, but I’m here Sunday in the afternoon following the holiday. I’m at Strange Brew Coffee Shop, and I’m not completely wiped out and exhausted.

So, maybe there is an upside to not running a amok EVERY weekend.

This photo is of Rob, Justin and I. We enjoyed meeting Landrum from Virginia and spending time with Rich from West Virginia. We even got an opportunity to visit with Patty and Sue from San Jose. That was nice since it had been at least 5 years since Rob saw them.

Overall it was a nice weekend and it’s good to be home.