The main reason I’ve become disillusioned, and now I see many of my fellow Democrats are is because it seems we have a president who is trying to give the milk cow away – when no one has even indicated they’re thirsty for milk. He’s a bad negotiator. He’s a bad poker face. And, he seems to be obsessed with trying to please the other side. That might be a great recipe for someone who genuinely seeks to be a uniter, versus a divider. HOWEVER – there is one crucial element missing from the formula. We’re dealing with a Republican Tea Party out of control and hell bent on American political system destruction, at whatever cost, including the betterment or success of the American economy.

Thus. I would suggest. And, only politely of course – Mr. President – pull your head out of your ass and lead. Or, please GET out of the way and let someone in next term who will do the job. There is an evil worse than a typical dishonest, self serving politician – that is a weak willed, dishonest, self-serving politician. My contempt grows by the day.