Here’s Jesse and Peter stealing my rental car, the 2010 Red Mustang Convertible. I was actually very surprised by the car. With the 3.7 litre V-6 with 305 HP makes you wonder why anyone would choose an 8 over this. Ok, ok. I know why they would. However in today’s frugal times, the gas mileage is too good to pass up. I saw most freeway driving with this car approaching 30mpg! With its 6-speed automatic and dual stainless steel exhaust it sounded and performed every inch a sports car. Sure it’s missing the push you back in your seat or snap-your-head passing acceleration. But, for everyday driving, I wouldn’t miss any of that.

I have to say too, that I have an aversion to red cars. I think they look like they are just trying too hard to be sporty. Too often in the late 70s and early 80s cars were painted and applied with all manner of stripe kits to give them the outward appearance of performance. For those who remember Mustangs of those days (we’re talking a measly 139 HP out of a whole 5.0 liters) you know that we are not easily fooled by such simple attempts at the substitution of performance found in a decal. But I have to say, with genuine speed and agility backing up the sparkling red color – this car was no pretender.

I’m already looking at the Kelly Blue Book of my 2005 PT Cruiser convertible to see if there’s a way to trade that in for one of these.