I tried not to get sassy. After all, poor Sammie looked as though he were about to shed a tear. He apologized over and over, but really – it’s no big deal. Oh, yah, we drove a total of 5.5 hours to visit this museum, and we did call in advance to make sure they’d be open this day but when you’re dealing with small town Texas, you just know somethings are unavoidable – like unannounced fishing days, or what not.

So our “curator” or museum attendant decided to take the day off. Hmph. Whatcha gonna do.

I reminded the moist-eyed Sammie Gay, that we’d be just fine and find our own brand of adventure. Who needs a stinkin brochure to find fun?! And, so it was – alas – no pictures with a waxy Scarlett O’hara this visit. But, maybe next time.

I’m just happy to be here with Sam. I’m sure we’ll have the best time. Or a spooky one. 🙂