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The best part about traveling to destinations to spend time with other folks that I meet on this journey is that I have an opportunity to get see where people live, and know them on a more intimate level. Spending the evening in someone’s home and then drinking coffee and chatting is so much more relaxing, and even exciting to me – than seeing sights or landmarks.

Sure, I long to see things I’ve not seen before – like the Statue of Liberty and such. But, the truth is – Lady Liberty isn’t likely to be happy to see me return. Nor, is she particularly welcoming. Not like I experienced this weekend in Orange County, CA with the folks I met.

Spending the weekend in Laguna Beach with folks like Val and Tracy (who were so gracious and allowed me to stay in their home the first night) is part of the many little highlights – that ultimately – make up a life.

My life is comprised of many of these little highlights. meeting folks in Laguna Beach, Vancouver, Seattle, Miami, St. Louis, Kansas City, Phoenix, Omaha, SF, San Jose, Detroit, Houston, Sacramento – everywhere  provides me an opportunity to meet many people.

Some of my friends, give me shit regarding my number of alleged friends on Facebook. But, being in recovery for 27+ years, and traveling the United States to meet people has afforded me the opportunity to say howdy and make friends everywhere. Nothing so much that I’ve done in life has made me feel as connected and filled my life with a purpose and provided me a sense of accomplishment.

I suppose if I spent less time traveling, and focusing on continuing to maintain and expand my recovery circle, I could have accomplished different things. Perhaps I’d have a degree. Maybe I’d have children. Perhaps I would have amassed more material wealth – or some other noteworthy success. But in my quest these last three years to have God reveal to me the meaning of the word “enough”, I’ve been blessed to know that even without these measures of success – I have enough.

It has helped me tremendously let go of envy that I sometimes experience when I measure myself against my peers and others, seeing what they have in their lives brings them happiness – and for that, I should merely share that happiness and allow it to be “enough”.

The truth is, I have a tremendous measurement of success. Albeit, it is measured in different ways. I am confident that the pursuits I have in my life of getting to know people, sharing with others, continuing to develop the relationships I have is what is right – for me. It is allowing me to exhale these days, look at my life, and recognize in every sense of the word, I am blessed, I’m rich, and I truly have “enough”.