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IMG_4349 by SolisRough
IMG_4349 a photo by SolisRough on Flickr.

Zorra has been with us for several months now. We’re starting to seriously wonder if her paperwork from the SPCA is correct. They believe her to be a Fox Terrier Mix. Mixed with what? St. Bernard? She grows bigger by the day. And, at 6 months old she’s taller than Ganso.

Yay for Ganso though, he still drags her around on the walk. I don’t think his luck will last much longer once physics is applied, or she simply realizes she outweighs him and SHE calls the shots on the walk.

In the meantime she eats like a horse, and still is destroying much of what’s in her path. We remind ourselves regularly that we love her. We just hope we survive her! At least the puppy stage. Good God, let’s hope it ends soon.