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Says You by SolisRough
Says You a photo by SolisRough on Flickr.

For years now I’ve been texting all my friends and placing on my Facebook reminders about a national Sponsor/Mentor Day.

I was thinking about this sometime ago, why we don’t have a day for this – when we have Mother’s, Father’s, Bosses’ and every other day.

Having a mentor or sponsor who is wiling to share their time with me, for no other reason than their unselfish motivation to help me – makes them extra special people. Certainly – they are people who are deserving of a day of recognition.

Thus I’ve been pushing this idea for years now. And, THIS was the first year that on June 10, 2012 that I actually saw someone post Happy Sponsor/Mentor Day on their FB. How awesome is that?!

It’s working!

So, I guess I’ll know I’ve hit the big time when I walk into my local Hallmark store and am greeted by a display for this special day.

To all the sponsor/mentor’s out there — thank you for all you do. And, for everything you’ve given to me. I’ve benefited greatly and couldn’t have gotten this far in life without you.

(Oh, and I Know this Picture has nothing to do with this special day – I just think it’s funny that my phone won’t let me poke because FB has decided I’ve done ‘too much” What the hell is that?!)