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The Onion. It has tricked more than a few of my friends. People who aren’t familiar with this paper, that looks like a legitimate newspaper are often confounded when they read about outrageous stories, sometimes quoting real people, or attributing outrageous actions to them. But, it’s all fake.

One of the funniest posts I read was this particularly R rated column. Why These Homos Keep Sucking My…

As you can tell, much of what the Onion contains is adult humor. And, although their recent post on the new Chik Fil A, homo sandwich including exerpts about their punch-a-fag sauce might be considered to be over the top, I think the whole idea of satire is that it is over the top about topics which by themselves, without any punch a fag sauce added, could be considered absurd.

Certainly a chicken sandwhich restaurant weighing in on marriage? Absurd. Thus, we have publications like the Onion to take that absurdity to new levels. Agree or don’t – I’m glad we live in a country where this type of communication and commentary exist to provide opportunities to think.