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My experience with this company was less than positive. It seems there are listings all over the internet with experiences similar to mine. I wish I could have checked these before I engaged with this company.

They do offer online listings for customers to try and match potential roommates. Here’s the scammy part though. They offer a 4 or 5 day listing for just a few dollars. Then, hidden in their verbage is a notification that you’re actually subscribing. The subscription is automatically renewed for you (how friendly of them). Once the charge shows up on your credit card, it’s too late the $29.95 charge is gotten from you. Then when you attempt to contact them to complain they give you a canned response. It appears in the verbage of the agreement you “signed” that it is your responsibility to say you don’t want this subscription and to cancel before the $29.95 charge. After, it’s too late.

So, I’m listing it here, among the other places on the internet – in hopes that the next person will see this or have it stick in their mind that Roomster.com or Room Corp may not operating with the highest standards of customer service or morality. Steer clear.

(Oh, and the unrelated picture just makes me happy to see our puppies getting along. So, in the end – $29.95 is not likely to break me so why worry. Be happy. Don’t let the assholes – like some of these companies – get you down).

Addendum: After forwarding this link, my yelp review, my google plus review, my better business bureau review, my statement to visa contesting the charge.. I received the response “As a courtesy we are refunding your charge for $29.95”. I don’t hate Roomster.com. But, be cautious. (power of the press!)